Features and specifications

  • Beam widths – Very large beams can be measured, e.g. with a target card in DIN A3 format. Small beam widths can be measured down to about 200 µm, depending on smartphone optics
  • Resolution – 4 Megapixel (2048×2048) digital resolution. Optical resolution depends on smartphone optics, typically 100 µm. We offer target cards with a printed resolution test pattern at the borders.
  • Wavelengths – Smartphone camera sensors are usually sensitive in a range of 400-700 nm
  • Laser Power – At a beam width of 1 mm, a few mW of laser power will usually saturate the camera when a white reflective target is used. Black reflective targets allow two orders of magnitude higher intensities. For even higher intensities, transmissive targets can be used.
  • Geometry – Normal paper targets should be used in reflection. In transmission, the diffusion of light within the paper volume will broaden the laser spot. We are developing special targets made of thin plastic diffusors which can be used in transmission as well.
  • Data export – Beam profiles can be exported as image files in PNG format and analyzed in Matlab / Octave
  • 3D visualization of beam profiles directly in the app

Upcoming features

  • Monitoring – a function that allows to log width and position for multiple target cards
  • iPhone – support for iOS (this might take a while)

Need something else? Get in touch and let us know about your feature request.