How to avoid saturation of the laser spot

There are various ways to deal with saturation problems that occur when the laser spot on the detection card is too bright for the camera sensor. The app will automatically reduce exposure time and sensitivity as much as possible, but after the minimal values are reached it may be necessary to take additional steps. Beam […]

3D Visualization

We have added a feature to our beam-profiling app which allows to visualize the measured profiles in 3D. After making a measurement, you will first see the intensity distribution of the laser beam as a 2D image, together with the results of the fitted Gaussian curves. We have added a “3D View”-button which leads to […]

Laser World of Photonics 2019

Last week we visited the trade show Laser World of Photonics in Munich, and held our beam-profiling cards into every laser beam we could find. Well, okay, we respectfully passed on the 100kW fiber laser by IPG. At many other stands we could try out our app and had interesting discussions, for example we gained […]