We are developping an Android app which measures the beam profile of a laser beam when used in combination with a target card. 

You need two things to get started:

  1. A modern Android phone
  2. A target card

The phone is required to fully support the Camera2 API, which should be the case for most medium- and high-end devices of recent years. For example, all phones of the Pixel series by Google should work, as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones starting with model S7 or newer. When you try to download or view our app on the Play Store, the compatibility of your device will be checked automatically.

If the app is not found, your device may not be compatible – try again on a desktop browser for more details.

Get our free app on Google Play!

We appreciate your feedback.

In order to use the app, you need to get a target card first. You can download and print a target card on your own.

If you have installed the app and obtained a target card, you are ready to go. Keep reading about how it works!